Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

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We recently did a Gala for Stray Dog – a no kill shelter. Naturally, vegan food was in demand that evening! A guest liked one of our options and asked for the recipe. It’s simple and delicious. Ingredients: 8 – bell peppers 1 tbs. – olive oil ½ cup – diced onion ½ cup – celery ½ cup – carrot … Read More

Top 5 Questions for your Wedding Caterer

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What are the top five questions to ask potential caterers? With such a large expense looming and now, in the time of Yelp and Facebook, it is much easier to look for any supplier or vendor based on their online presence. However, that does not necessarily reveal their real reputations. Once you’ve done your online research, I suggest you make … Read More

WKC Dallas Cranberry Sauce


Thanksgiving is nearly here- be sure to wow your family and guests with this Dallas Cranberry Sauce! WKC Dallas Cranberry Sauce 1 Lb of fresh cranberries ½ cup red wine or red Vermouth ¼ cup Orange Juice 2/3 cup- 1 cup sugar to taste 1 Jalapeno- Diced ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper Zest of Citrus- Orange, Lime or Lemon- your choice … Read More

Warm Winter Drinks


Since it is Thanksgiving week and Winter is approaching, a warming cocktail is in order. Get your guests out of the cold with these hot drinks created by Wendy Krispin Caterer! Spiked Lemon Rosemary Tea 6 bags of tea- Strong Earl Grey or Black Tea steeped in 5 cups of water cup of Fernet ½ cup of Rosemary Simple Syrup … Read More