meet Wendy

To eat is a necessity, but to create a memorable event based on fabulous food is an art.

Wendy Krispin

Wendy Krispin began catering in Dallas in 1983 after seeking employment at a gourmet food store and catering company she read about in Vogue Magazine. With dreams of being a chef, tired of long cold winters and bored of processing meat at a Detroit Kroger store, the decision was an easy one to make. Knowing only two people in town, a busy catering company was the perfect place to begin friendships, a life and a career.

After cater waitering, Krispin realized that cooking wasn’t all she wanted to do and the idea of becoming a caterer blossomed into reality. A ten year odyssey of discovering the cooking of many cuisines, the science and various methods of food preparation began a robust pursuit of knowledge in service, styles of menus, event presentation, even types of china, arranging flowers, local society and the community at large.

During this period Wendy made and delivered cheese, cater waitered and cooked as a private chef and was the director of catering for a gourmet supermarket chain. Wendy did a year as a catering sales associate and also became a partner in another catering company all the while blending and refining her own style.

Influenced by some great hostesses and business leaders and inspired by coworkers and past employers Wendy was able to open her namesake catering company and restaurant in 1992. Now a fixture in the Dallas Catering scene, Wendy Krispin works to create a perfect menu for every client.